At the inception of Daps Distribution in 2004, the company started with the importation and distribution of foods and beverages like Rice, Azam cola and other commodities from other countries. Later on, the company added upon its range of products by importing textiles.

Upon making an extensive research on the Ugandan market, the company decided to venture into the importation of Agrochemicals. The demand for agrochemicals in Uganda was high which ignited the company to start importing chemicals for the local farmers. Chemicals we import include Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, Mixed formulations, fertilizers and equipment used by farmers such sprayers of different capacity.

With the enormous knowledge and expertise we hold, this enables us to assist farmers in the growth of the food crops by providing knowledge and advise on which kind of products to use where. By purchasing chemical products or equipment from us, be assured that we shall follow up on your activities up to the moment you start harvesting at the farm as well as giving you knowledge on how to use the chemicals you have purchased.

We ensure that we bring you quality products and in this, we work collectively with the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry to ensure that you get high-quality products and value for your money.